Voices of the Great War

I have been able to get several recordings done for the “Voices of the Great War” section of my site. The method I took was first downloading the free program Audacity. It is very easy to use to record audio. I then set up a soundcloud account where I was able to upload the audio. From there I got the embedded code when I “shared” the audio and put it into my site exactly how I put in the timeline. I changed the height to “125” for a smaller and overall space saving look. It’s a very simple process and I hope to have more recordings soon.

3 thoughts on “Voices of the Great War”

  1. The element of voice recordings instead of simply written quotes really adds to your site – it definitely makes the war seem much more personal and creates a narrative rather than just a history, which I think is often challenging for historians, especially with the advent of distance learning and technology via the web. Your website is really looking awesome, and I think the “Voices” section compliments the story via the background information and timeline. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Jimmy! Here’s my comments on how your site is coming so far:

    You have truly done some amazing work on this. Especially with the Honor Roll page, the amount of effort you have put into creating this site is commendable and impressive. There is a wealth of information here, and a really cool story of your school and town. The voice recordings are creative, engaging, and sound professionally done. The Sound Cloud linking works smoothly and I think it really adds to your overall site.

    With such solid content, my only critiques are aesthetic. The theme you are using, the default wordpress theme, is designed for blogging, and I think it’s limiting the potential of your awesome site. If there’s anyway you could play around with something less blog-centric, maybe with a different look, I think it would just be the icing on the cake of your great work.

    All other comments stem from this, but to clarify: I think the navigation is a little problematic, because the main menu and the left side bar are functioning in the same way, making the space a little redundant and confusing. Your welcome page is a strong opener, but because of theme you can’t see it unless you scroll. I think it would be more effective to see right off the bat.

    The header image is pretty cool, and you did a good job with the Photoshop there. I do think having the COPLAC and other logos in the header is a little cluttered and distracting, though. I would include those elsewhere.

    Disabling comments would be a good idea for your site. If you search for “Disable Comments” in the plug ins on WordPress, it should come right up. It’s a really easy fix to clean things up a bit.

    Your timeline is really strong and adds a lot to the site, but is hidden. Maybe moving it to the top of the page would be a good idea? Just a thought.

    Finally, I would add a brief, maybe two sentence introduction to the Honor Roll page, just so that people can see what they’re looking at and, more importantly, why it matters.

    Overall, I am super impressed with the amount and quality of your work, and hope that it can be displayed in a manner that makes is accessible and obvious to everyone what a great resource it is. I’m excited to see the finished product!

  3. I’ve looked through your site and it looks great! I like all the paragraphs with background information. I do feel like the timeline is very hidden. I’m not sure if it should be on its own page, but some of the pages get pretty long, so chopping them up might help.

    The Voices section looks really neat, and sounds good, too. It really adds to the site. The Honor Wall is a great idea, but could you introduce us to it? Any photos or stories or other information?

    Do you want people to comment? If not, taking those out will help the pages not seem so long and will clean up the layout. I think your header with the now and then images is great, but the logos are sort of distracting away from them. Not sure what you might want to do with that, if anything.

    Overall, good work. You’ve done a lot with this site!

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