Initial Research

Knutti Hall 1914

I am in contact with the head of archives at Shepherd University and they have not yet given me much information on the resources available. I would assume that the school newspaper, which was around at the time, has been archived and could be useful. But as we have only been here a week the extent to the material has not fully been explored. I also got in contact with the local historical society  in attempt to see what material they had on the time period. The head of the society said that the archives were too messy to handle and I wouldn’t find anything. However I hear from people who have worked with the historical society in the past that the head of archives there can work the collection very easily and I should try and get in contact with them directly. Furthermore I have discovered a plaque on campus of all the men from Shepherd who died in the war, which I should be able to use my account to find out more about them.  I also believe I am going to use information on Storer College I found on their contribution in World War I. This was an all African American college located in near by Harpers Ferry and is important to the story as Shepherd was segregated at the time. Race relations does appear to be a major issue in the area at the time as Birth of a Nation was shown in the local Opera House in 1916 and at the near by Antietam National Cemetery a separate section was devoted to African American Soldiers from World War I. This is ironic if you consider the history surrounding the battle of Antietam.

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