In Memoriam…

Plaque by the entrance to Knutti Hall

This is the plaque found on Knutti Hall in dedication to those from Shepherd who fought in WWI. Listed are 13 names of men who “gave their lives for their country” and it mentions that 197 other men from Shepherd fought in the war. Upon researching (since I had a hunch that not even 197 people were enrolled in the school at the time) some of those who were named were alumni. So that goes into consideration of who is being counted into that 197. I am in the process of researching the names and hope to give further information on those listed. Furthermore I would like to find a list of all those from Shepherd who fought in the war. If anyone has any information on how to find something like that out it would be greatly appreciated, though I do visit the archives (finally!) on Tuesday, so perhaps I will find it there. There is also a plaque in town that lists names from various wars, but the two names listed under WWI are also listed on the first plaque.

Plaque on the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown
Plaque on the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown

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  1. I wonder if your university’s archives would have any information about Shepherd students who served in the war? Perhaps not a straightforward list, but if there are records of student attendance and withdrawals, maybe those would give you clues? Or perhaps even in yearbooks or material like that. Since UMW/the State Normal school was all girls, none of our students served in the war, but we did find, via an academic bulletin in UMW’s Special Collections, that two male faculty/staff members did see military service. Just some food for thought!

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