Images of Shepherd College early 20th century


All these photos are located in Shepherd University’s online collection available here. Future posts will likely single out each building giving a then vs. now view of each.

Aerial view of East Campus 1901
McMurran Hall 1904-1917


Conrad Schindler House (Todays Center for the Civil War Studies) unknown date
Miller Hall 1917-18
Rumsey Hall (Todays Entler Hotel) 1912
Social Science Building (no longer in existence) 1900
Yellow House (date unknown)
Knutti Hall 1914
Knutti Hall 1914

I wanted to take the time here to point out all of the following photos are of Knutti Hall which we are lucky enough to have interior photos of from this time period.

Agriculture Lab 1918
Art Studio 1918
Auditorium (in use for a chapel service) 1914
Chemistry Lab 1918
Domestic Science Lab 1918
Manual Training Shop 1916
Gymnasium 1907
Gymnasium 1907

One thought on “Images of Shepherd College early 20th century”

  1. It seems that your university is proud of its history and has set up some neat material for the public to look through. That is probably helping your research immensely! I love all the photos you are sharing; my campus has quite a few photos of the original buildings before and after a fire destroyed “Old Main” in 1914. There are not many photos of the inside of the buildings on my campus, which I’m sad about because they would be so neat to see! Great job thus far on your research! You’re way ahead of me!

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