Vision for the future site

I have a very basic vision for what I want the Shepherd University site to look like when the project comes together. As far as the overall look of the site, I enjoy how this blog looks so I would kind of like it to have an overall feel like this. Content will hopefully go as the outline below

Welcome Page

  • This will have a welcoming message with broad information on Shepherd University during WWI.  From there the user will be able to navigate to the other sections of the site.

Shepherd University section

  • This section will give more in depth information on Shepherd and include the sub sections below. The sources to be used for this section will include old school news papers, year books, and whatever else the university archives have to offer.
  • Campus Layout
  • Courses
  • Important figures (veterans, professors, etc.)
  • Campus Organizations

Community Section

  • This section of the site will be for the surrounding area of the university. It will talk about the communities close by and how they were affected by using sub sections that will be listed below. The information for this part of the site will come from mostly secondary sources on each community such as already published books and websites. But depending on co-operation from the community archives it could include a lot of primary sources as well.
  • Shepherdstown
  • Sharpsburg
  • Harpers Ferry/Storer College (possibly separate sections)
  • Charlestown
  • Important Community figures (mostly veterans)

I am also considering including community figures as part of the different communities instead of having it be its own category. But that will likely depend on how much information I actually get on the individuals in the community.

In addition I would like to include a timeline in the site. I was having trouble working it, but if I figure it out it looks like a very nice tool to utilize and just had an overall nice look to it that could allow the site to be interactive for the visitor.

Any suggestions on the categories or subcategories/ content will be appreciated. Also if anyone has tips for using the timeline tool I would really appreciate that.


2 thoughts on “Vision for the future site”

    1. I attempted to create a timeline but after I filled in the spread sheet to make the time line, it just seemed to not work from there. I even attempted to just use the example timeline that the site provided and I still couldn’t even get a preview of what the timeline would look like. It’s one of those that I’ll probably have to just sit down and play with t some more to figure out the issue.

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