Helpful tips for soldier research:

306138_3376354443725_1495398971_nIf anyone finds a name of a soldier who died in the war, they are easily found if they are buried over seas. Use the American Battle Monuments Commission website It is very easy to use and if anyone needs help let me know, but the site is pretty self explanatory.  The information given is helpful too as it gives a date of death, regiment, division, and rank of each soldier.

If they are not buried over seas it will be harder to find, but your best bet is the site This site is a little harder to use, but often times it is linked to searches.

3 thoughts on “Helpful tips for soldier research:”

  1. I have already used findagrave several times this semester and most of the soldiers who died during the war are actually buried in our town. The site maybe harder to use/navigate, but sometimes it offers additionally information like obituaries and news articles.

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