Voices of the Great War

I have been able to get several recordings done for the “Voices of the Great War” section of my site. The method I took was first downloading the free program Audacity. It is very easy to use to record audio. I then set up a soundcloud account where I was able to upload the audio. From there I got the embedded code when I “shared” the audio and put it into my site exactly how I put in the timeline. I changed the height to “125” for a smaller and overall space saving look. It’s a very simple process and I hope to have more recordings soon.

Messing around in Paint and historic images

So while messing around with the idea we had discussed in class as far as mixing historic images with modern ones, I came up with this header for my site. I like the way it came out by I might change it at some point if I find better images. Either way as a starting header I’m very pleased with it. If anyone has suggestions on a change for it let me know. Or if you want help cropping images and such to merge them let me know and I’ll do what I can to help but it’s a pretty straight forward process.header